Fink Binary Installer Updated To 0.6.2 With Panther Support

The Fink Project has released an update for Fink Binary Installer, bringing it to version 0.6.2. Fink Binary Installer is a utility designed for open sourced software development. The latest release features support for OS 10.3 and bug fixes. According to The Fink Project

The Fink project is proud to announce the availability of a new binary distribution, version 0.6.2.

The release of this new binary distribution the Fink team is an important milestone in the transition to Mac OS X 10.3 and completes the transition to version 3.3 of the Gnu C Compiler. Fink now supports all users running Mac OS X 10.2 with GCC 3.3 enabled as well as all users running Mac OS X 10.3.

This binary distribution version 0.6.2 is a intended to be a bug fix release. The 0.6.1 distribution was a major release, updating Finkis stable packages to the gnu C compiler version 3.3. Although built on Mac OS X 10.2, it runs on Mac OS X 10.3.

You can find more information about the Fink Binary Installer update at the Fink Project Web site. The Fink Binary Installer is available as freeware.