FireLogic, Inc. Expands Into The Healthcare Field

FireLogic, Inc. believes that the "digital hub" as outlined by Steve Jobs at MacWorld can easily be adapted to meet the needs of the chronically ill. Following that line of thought, the company has announced the first of a series of software packages designed to do just that. According to FireLogic:

FireLogic, Inc., a software solutions company, announced today the release of the first in a new line of software products.

The idea of a "digital hub" as outlined by Apples CEO Steve Jobs at
MacWorld does not have to be constrained to entertainment. There are over
100 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, hypertension,
diabetes, etc. who must regularly use medical devices in their homes. They
would greatly benefit by having a 3digital health hub2 in their living
rooms, said Michael Slage, FireLogicis President.

HealthEngage-Asthma is a software application that allows users to track
their health data using the home equipment they already have. Typically,
asthma and chronic disease sufferers, are asked by their physicians to keep
track of their peak flow meter readings, asthma attacks, and the medication
theyive taken using a paper diary. The patient would then bring that diary
to their doctor for analysis. HealthEngage-Asthma eliminates the need for
that paper diary. Now asthma sufferers simply enter their vital data onto
the HealthEngage secure server, where it is stored for viewing by the
patient, their care giver, or their doctor.

The HealthEngageTM solution is a 100% Java web and wireless-web based suite of platform-independent applications designed with leading health experts to manage, collect, store, and chart vital health data. The Mac version has been optimized to run under Apples MRJ, and a MacOS X version been announced for availability the first day MacOS X is available. The software comes bundled with the latest version of the MRJ.

Future versions of the HealthEngage will include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Weight Loss/Fitness Management.

HealthEngage Asthma for desktop and laptop is available now for a 15 day fully functional download trial or purchase. You can find the download and more information at the Health Engage web site. The software sells for $59.99 but is available until March 1, 2001 for $39.99.