FireStore FS-2E Enables Video Recording Direct to FireWire Drives

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. on Friday introduced the FireStore FS-2E Studio Direct to Edit recorder, which enables recording video to FireWire drives in edit-ready, native DV-NLE file formats. The US$6,995 solution was designed to replace a broadcast tape deck and features SDI with embedded audio, DV25, Component, Composite, S-Video, AES/EBU digital audio and balanced analog audio. Itis compatible with such control protocols as RS422, RS-232C, AV/C and GPI.

FS-2E features a VTR-like interface and a built-in disk drive and file system that integrates with PC- and Mac-based editing systems. It also can connect to networks via FTP using an Ethernet interface to copy files and control the unit. A Web interface is also available for remote control and management of the unit. The FS-2E also supports daisy chaining up to five external FireWire drives.