FireWire DVD-RAM Drive Now Available

FirewireDirect has released a new FireWire based DVD-RAM drive. DVD-RAM offers users unparalleled storage capacity by writing on 9.4GB media. DVD-RAM is viewed as a viable solution for data backup and storage, and the FireWire interface of the new drive promises blistering write speeds. According to FirewireDirect:, Inc., the first company specializing in and dedicated exclusively to IEEE 1394, FireWire and iLINK peripherals and accessories for Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers, has extended their popular line of FireWire storage devices with the announcement of a FireWire 1394 iLINK DVD-RAM drive.

DVD-RAM is at the farthest frontier in FireWire storage, offering removable media with a vast 9.4 GB capacity at a lower cost per megabyte than any other removable media, and employing a high speed write strategy similar to that of hard drives. The FirewireDirect DVD-RAM combines the companyis FireWire-dedicated support and expertise with the unique features of FireWire and DVD-RAM to create a powerful and unique storage solution.

The FirewireDirect DVD-RAM drive will read all DVD discs and CDs, and will record thousands of times to DVD-RAM media, new and unique dual-sided encased discs that will hold up to 9.4 GB of digital data.

DVD-RAM reads and writes with a visible red laser, much finer than infrared lasers used by CD drives. Capacity on the disc is increased through dual-layer technology that places two layers of data tracks on top of each other. Write speed is enhanced, resulting in much faster access times, because DVD-RAM uses a structure based on sectors - not unlike a hard disc - rather than grooves like a CD. Since there is no contact between the laser head and the media, crashes are less likely, and DVD-RAM discs can last for up to 50 years.

The FirewireDirect DVD-RAM drive is available for US$599. You can find more information at the FirewireDirect Web site.