FireWire Depot Now Shipping Disk Jockey Copy/Diagnostic Device

FireWire Depot is now shipping a new device for Mac users, the Diskology Disk Jockey. The Disk Jockey is a device designed for disk copy and disk diagnostics. The device is backwards compatible with USB 1.1 and features data mirroring among other functions. According to The FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot, the leader in FireWire 1394a and 1394b products, today introduces the Diskology Disk Jockey FireWire/USB2 device.

The Disk Jockey is an inexpensive, revolutionary new hard disk copy and diagnostic tool that allows users to copy data between IDE hard disk drives at lightening fast speeds while maintaining all of the attributes of the original hard disk, including hidden folders, multiple partitions and operating system files.

The Disk Jockey is a veritable Swiss army knife of disk diagnostic tools as it includes 7 functions in one hardware product. In addition to the high-speed data copies, the Disk Jockey also mirrors data between two hard disk drives, spans two hard disks to look like one logical volume to the computer, tests hard disk drives at the block level and verifies data that has been copied between drives is intact.

You can find more information about the Diskology Disk Jockey at the FireWire Depot Web site. Diskology Disk Jockey retails for US$349.00.