FireWire Depot Now Shipping The IceCube FireWire 800 Drive

FireWire Depot is now shipping a new drive for Mac users, the IceCube FireWire 800/USB2 combo. The IceCube is an external hard drive that features support for the new FireWire 800 standard and USB 2. The new drives support data rates of up to 800 Mbps and feature the Oxford 922 chipset. According to The FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot is proud to announce the arrival of the first of our FireWire 800/1394b hard drive enclosures: The IceCube FireWire800/USB2 combo enclosure for 3.5" hard drives.

The new FireWire 800 (1394b) standard, at 800Mbps, has more than two times the usable bandwidth of USB 2.0, which makes it the perfect choice for high-speed data storage and professional video capture and editing.

FireWire 800 is extremely suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications, such as working with video and hi-resolution graphics - applications which often consume hundreds or even thousands of megabytes of data per file. For example, a single hour of DV-format video occupies about 13 thousand megabytes (13 GB).

The IceCube 800 is now available, and other enclosures will follow shortly. To secure early delivery of FireWire 800 products be sure to place your order NOW!

You can find more information about the IceCube release at the FireWire Depot Web site. The IceCube drive is available starting at US$195.00, with other enclosure configs to be released in the near future.