FireWire Depot Shipping New 5.25" Drive Enclosures

FireWire Depot is now shipping a new line of hard drive enclosures, the Titan series. The Titan is a hard drive enclosure designed for 5.25" IDE drive sizes. The enclosures support both FireWire and FW/USB 2.0 drives. According to The FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot, the leader in FireWire 1394a and 1394b products, today introduces the TITAN 5.25" FireWire only and FireWire/USB2 Enclosure combo drive enclosure.

As with our existing 5.25" hard drive enclosures, the new TITAN series enclosures are slim, lightweight, and powerful. The TT-335 Series enclosure is designed for any 5.25" IDE storage drives, such as Tape Back-Up, Zip Drives, and 5.25" CD, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+/-RW drives.  This series
provide unlimited storage expansion with the most flexibility.

Built with a rugged aluminum body, the TITAN series provides excellent protection for the device and greater heat dissipation capability which means longer life for your device.

You can find more information about the Titan enclosure series at the FireWire Depot Web site. The Titan enclosure series is available starting at US$84.95.