FireWire Depot To Ship New FireWire Repeater Devices

FireWire Depot is now shipping the UTP5 Repeaters for Mac users. The UTP5 Repeatera are devices designed for extending FireWire cable lengths. The device increases lengths up to 100 meters and is compatible with CAT5 cabling. According to The FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot, the leader in FireWire 1394a and 1394b products, today introduces UTP5 Repeaters, Compatible w/100baseT Ethernet.

The UTP5 series provides an easy way to add FireWire networking to your home or office. We have been asked numerous times by various companies what is the easiest way to connect a digital camera located in the front of a conference room to a control room located at the rear of the same room without having to get into expensive fiber optic cables and these provide a simple method for those locations looking to add longer cable runs for digital cameras in their work space for doing presentations, video conferencing, live feeds and other video applications.

The UTP5 series repeaters are designed to:

  • Enable 1394b 100-Mbps signals to be transmitted and received across up to100 meters of unshielded twisted-pair category 5 (UTP5) cable
  • Work with CAT5-structured wiring cable that is typically installed in a home or office

You can find more information about the UTP5 Repeaters at the FireWire Depot Web site. The UTP5 Repeaters are available starting at US$65.00.