FireWire Depot Tracks Down Great FireWire Product

In a quest to bring you all things FireWire related, FireWire depot has announced the availability of a handful of new products, all bringing greater flexibility and productivity to users of FireWire. According to the FireWire Depot:

FireWire Depot, in our never ending quest to find you the best and most unique products is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of the following new products:

  • BridgeIt? - FireWire to SCSI adapter. Designed to support up to 7 external SCSI devices. Scheduled for late November arrival.
  • New 2.5" hard drive storage enclosure - stunning new small design. Scheduled for late October arrival.
  • New mini-3 port FireWire hub/repeater - utilizing the same design as the new 2.5" hard drive enclosure. Scheduled for late October arrival.
  • Mini FireWire CDRW - utilizing the same design as the 2.5" enclosure and 3 port repeater.

We will continue to post information on our website as receive, including pictures, specs and more.

You can find more information at the FireWire Depot web site.

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