FireWire Tape Drives Gaining Mac Support

Ecrix has announced that their VXA-1 FireWire tape drive has been a big hit with the Macintosh using community. Attributing over 25% of their sales to the Mac market, Ecrix has announced that the new drive will now be available in the Apple Store online. According to Ecrix:

Ecrix Corporation today announced that the VXA-1 FireWire tape drive, announced in January, has garnered significant industry acceptance and is shipping in volume. Currently 25 percent of Ecrixis sales are sold into Mac environments. The company expects these sales to rapidly increase with the driveis new availability over the Apple Store.

VXA-for-Mac Bundle Ecrix initially entered the market with a version of its VXA-1 tape drive in a sleek translucent housing that matches the award winning design of Apple?s Power Mac Servers. This complete backup solution includes Dantz Retrospect, the #1 backup software for the Mac market. The VXA-1 drive, with its Mac-enabled SCSI interface, backs up 33 GB at 3 MB/second (66 GB at 6 MB/second with compression). An individual VXAtape cartridge stores as much or more data than 40 CD and seven DVD disks, making it ideal for the storage of high-end graphic design and multimedia data.

FireWire Tape Drive Ecrix extended its product offerings with the first high-capacity, high-performance FireWire tape drive for the Mac market with availability announced in January 2001. In addition to all of the benefits of the initial VXA-for-Mac bundle, the VXA-1 FireWire drive offers ihot plugi capabilities and automatic configuration. This drive is an ideal solution for those Mac users who are taking advantage of the FireWire environment.

Pricing for the Ecrix VXA-1 FireWire tape drive begins at US$899. You can find more information at the Ecrix Web site.