FireWire Web Cam Ships, Promises Blistering Speeds

ADS Technologies has shipped their blistering fast FireWire web-cam, the cleverly named PYRO 1394 WebCam. The new camera is among the first to take advantage of the high data rates of FireWire connectivity, and in doing so offers video capture speeds of up to 30 fps. According to ADS:

ADS Technologies, a leader in FireWire technology, announced that it has shipped the PYRO 1394 WebCam, the first IEEE 1394/FireWire Internet video camera to market. Capable of true 640 X 480 resolution at 30 frames per second (fps), the PYRO 1394 WebCam produces superior image quality compared to its Universal Serial Bus (USB) counterparts. With a sleek yet sturdy design, the PYRO 1394 WebCam and software bundle enables you to stream video over the Internet, set up live web cams, video conference or send v-mails.

PYRO 1394 WebCam FireWire is the one of the fastest peripheral standards ever developed with a data transfer rate of 400 Megabits per second, which provides 30 times the bandwidth of USB. The PYRO 1394 WebCam is an Internet video camera with exceptional image quality made possible by its FireWire/IEEE1394 interface. The PYRO 1394 WebCam has the speed and bandwidth to deliver smooth and clear live images over the Internet with true 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second. The cross-platform FireWire PC camera utilizes a Sony CCD optical system and is 1394a and camera specification 2.0 compliant.

PYRO 1394 WebCam Software Bundle
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The PYRO 1394 WebCam is available for US$150. You can find more information at the ADS Technolgies web site.