Firefox Ported to Intel-ready Macs

The Web browser Firefox has been ported to work on Intel-based Macs with the help of Apple Computer, ZDNet Australia reported Monday.

Josh Aas, a Firefox developer and employee of the Mozilla Foundation, confirmed the port on his blog site, saying, "Apple employees got Firefox running on an Intel Mac for the sake of using it as a demonstration of what it takes to port a complex application."

Mr. Aas confirmed Apple then sent the patches to the developer, but that "the patches were fairly out of date by the time I got them" and he used them as reference guides.

"I think for the first time in the history of Mac Mozilla products, weire actually ahead of the game in a way," he commented. "Most things seem to work fine except for plugins. Only Quicktime is reliable. Most others crash the browser.

The browser can be download at