Firewalls Get Friendlier

Open Door Networks, maker of the personal Firewall solution, DoorStop, has released a new program to make using and monitoring Firewallis even easier. Open Dooris "Whois There?" allows users to more efficiently monitor their systems by identifying each and every visitor, welcome or not, to a useris machine. According to Open Door:

Open Door Networks Inc. today shippedits new "Whois There?" Firewall Advisor. Available immediately, "WhoisThere?" Firewall Advisor provides the next step in Internet security byhelping users analyze and investigate access attempts to their Macintosh.With "Whois There?" Firewall Advisor users can determine the level of riskof an "attack" detected by their personal firewall, find the name, emailaddress and phone number of an administrator associated with the attackerisnetwork, and even automatically draft an email to that administrator.

With the ever-growing number of computers connected to the Internet through"always on" connections, there has been a significant increase in thenumber of hackers attempting to infiltrate those computers. Personalfirewalls have been developed to thwart those attempts. As the number ofattempts has risen, however, users have become increasingly confused as tothe degree to which they should be concerned and what they can do inresponse. "Whois There?" Firewall Advisor works with the useris firewallto answer those questions.

"Whois There?" Firewall Advisor works with Open Dooris DoorStop Personaland Server Editions and with Symantecis recently announced Norton PersonalFirewall, which is based on technology licensed from Open Door. Features of"Whois There?" include:

  • Advanced Access History window displaying all logged access attempts andincluding security risk level and host name of the accessor.
  • Windows summarizing access attempts by service type and accessor IP address.
  • Built-in information about the most common attacks and theirapplicability specifically to the Macintosh environment (many attacks aretargeted at, and effective only against, Windows or Unix machines).
  • Automated "Whois" lookup to determine details of the accessoris network,including administrator name, address, phone number and email.Administratoris address plotted on a world map.
  • Automated drafting of an email that can be used to notify theadministrator of the access attempt and provide the administrator withdetails that may be useful in tracking the attempt.

"Whois There?" Firewall Advisor is available for US$39. You can find more information at the Open Door Networks Web site.