FirewireDirect Expands CD-RW Line, 20x Model Available

FirewireDirect has announced that they have expanded their line of FireWire CD-RW drives. The new line features Yamaha drive mechanisms and tops out at a maximum write speed of 20x. According to FirewireDirect:

We are happy to announce some major expansions to our FireWire CDRW line, including a 20X upgrade on our popular and industry leading high end CDRW and a range of FireWire CD burners at a number of price points and configurations.? Our existing drive was a big one in the industry.? I think adding horsepower to that line and expanding into other general purpose FireWire CDRW products places us in a vanguard position on this product.

Our 16x drive has been setting the tone for the industry, and now weire introducing immediate availability of the 20x PRO XL drive with the same powerful Yamaha technology.

Both drives feature a generous 8MB buffer memory and state of the art "Waste-Proof" write strategy, exclusive features that will save you the frustration of disc errors. Add the industry-best write speed, and you have the fastest and most sure-footed FireWire CDRW available.

The Yamaha FireWire 20x10x40 is available for US$399. You can find more information on the full product line at the FirewireDirect Web site.