FirewireDirect Introduces SCSI-320U Hardware RAID System

FirewireDirect announced Friday a SCSI-320U RAID solution in its Vanguard Elite PRO RAID series. The Vanguard Elite PRO SCSI 320U RAID unit is a Dual Host and Dual Channel RAID unit that can connect to any Mac, PC, or Linux system with 2GB Fibre or SCSI-320U support.

The unit is a standalone hardware RAID device that does not need a computer to be set up. It comes with an onboard LCD display that allows the user to set it up in RAID 0, 0+1, 1, 3, 5, or RAID 6. RAID 6 provides data parity with up to two drives failing.

The hardware RAID controller is powered by a 400MHz 64-bit RISC processor, and can support up to 6.4 terabytes with either SATA I or SATA II hard drives. It is build with a cable-less design, has two redundant and hot swappable power supplies, two independent power inputs, turbo cooling fans, and an embedded RAID controller.

It also comes with an Array Roaming feature that gives administrators the ability to move a complete RAID set to another system without losing RAID configuration and data on that RAID set.

The Vanguard Elite PRO SCSI 320U RAID series starts at US$3,995 for the enclosure. The company is offering 8. 12, and 16 drive bay versions of the product. You can find more information at FirewireDirectis Web site.