FirewireDirect Introduces Two New FireWire CD-RW Drives

FirewireDirect has announced two new FireWire CD-RW burners for the Mac and PC. The new units offer mid-range and high-end performance made possible by FireWire speeds, 8x8x32 and 16x10x40 respectively. According to FirewireDirect:

If youive been with us for a while youive seen our line of powerful FireWire storage solutions evolve from our original portable Spark HDD to the SlimLine Series of FireWire hard drives with the highest performance available and RAID support.

One of the things everybody wants is a FireWire CD-RW burner, and its easy to see why. FireWire is the fastest and easiest way to connect a CD burning device, and a CD-RW allows you to burn CDs, erase and reburn on the same CD-RW disc. The advantage of CDs is everybody can read them, so itis the ideal way to move data from one user to another.

Weire happy to finally officially announce our FirewireDirect CD-RW Series, and we invite you to come by our site and take a look.

There are two models for different types of users:

1. 8x8x32 FireWire CD-RW is an all purpose CD-RW with a high quality drive mechanism and backed by the dedicated support staff at FirewireDirect.

2. 16x10x40 FireWire CD-RW is for those who need the big guns. This is the fastest CD burner on the market today. It has a huge 8MB cache memory and built in "waste proof" write strategy that will make it almost impossible to make a bad CD. It has the speed needed for professional applications. This is the big one, and of course itis FireWire.

You can find more information on the new products at FirewireDirectis Web site. The 8x8x32 unit is priced at US$269. The 16x10x40 model is priced at US$469.