FirewireDirect Making GigaBargains has announced reduced prices on practically all members of the family. The price drop of up to 42% on certain products provides users with beefy storage solutions at cheaper prices. According to

Austin, Texas /, Inc., the first company devoted to nothing but FireWire and the leading direct to consumer on line retailer of FireWire goods, has announced a unilateral price drop affecting practically all of their FireWire storage products.

From the most basic external hard drive systems, to removable media FireWire devices, and all the way up to the companyis extensive family of FireWire RAID products there are substantial price cuts of up to 42%.

At the top of the spectrum, some of the FirewireDirect 4 & 8-bay FireWire External RAID systems are now available at new suggested retail pricing over $2000 less. Price reductions are visible throughout the FirewireDirect storage line, including:

  • Turbo External 40x CDRW is now $315, reduced 42% (a savings of $134)
  • 4-Bay 360 GB FX Combo RAID System with a 40X CDRW was $1999 and is now $1699, reduced 17% (savings of $300)
  • The Epic DS One Terabyte (1000GB) RAID system was $6695 and is now $4995, reduced 34% (a savings of $1700)
  • The 960 GB 8-bay FireWire RAID System was $5,550 and is now $3449, reduced 38% (a savings of $2101)

You can find more information about the price cuts at the Web site. More detailed pricing can be found for particular products at the Web site.