FirewireDirect Rolls Out New FireWire RAID Solution

FirewireDirect has launched a new line of FireWire RAID solutions dubbed FX. Available in fixed 2, 4, 6, and 8 drive version, the FX supports up to 640 GB of capacity in either RAID 0 or RAID 1 mode. There is also a model that includes a CD-RW drive. From FirewireDirect:, Inc. has expanded once again their RAID offerings with the introduction of the FX Series version of their FireWire RAID/Storage Cluster External System, a RAID storage tower available in configurations of up to 640GB.  It is also available in hard drive and removable media combo setups and custom configurations built to spec for FirewireDirect customers.   

The FirewireDirect FX Series RAID/Storage Cluster External System is an easy to use storage cluster of two, four or eight drives, easily software configured for RAID Level 0 or 1 (Striping or Mirroring) on Windows and Macintosh computers. Itis a companion piece to the companyis highly successful FirewireDirect HSB (Hot-Swap Bay) RAID/Storage Cluster External System, which has been a ground breaking product providing easy and affordable FireWire RAID to graphic designers, digital video makers and personal computer users hungry for the fastest and deepest storage available in FireWire.

Where the earlier RAID system employs removable hot-swappable drive bays giving users extra flexibility, the new system is "fixed" with up to 8 drives encompassing up to 640GB of storage capacity.  It is also available in unique combos including arrayed hard drives in combination with a super fast CDRW drive for writing stored data directly to compact disc.  More affordable than the hot swappable version, it will be another practical and valuable solution for a wide range of high performance storage users.   It will soon be available in additional combinations of hard drive and removable media drives and can be built in custom setups for customers requesting special configurations.  

Like the earlier system, and almost all FirewireDirect storage products, the new RAID system uses the ultra fast Oxford 911 ATA-100 FireWire bridge board for the ultimate in FireWire speed and performance, giving it more than enough performance to satisfy digital video filmmakers and multimedia users requiring power and space.   The system, like the HSB Series, which has been shipping for months, provides a powerful and practical tool and will be popular among digital video editors using industry leading DV applications such as Adobe Premiere and Appleis Final Cut Pro.  

With the introduction of the FirewireDirect FX Series RAID/Storage Cluster External System, FirewireDirect is now clearly the industry leader in providing FireWire RAID solutions to a range of users at different levels and on every budget, making FireWire RAID accessible to everyone from personal computer users to highly demanding video makers requiring the most robust, workhorse systems.

All FirewireDirect RAID solutions from top to bottom employ the industryis most respected ATA-100 compliant interface, highest -performance 7200 RPM hard drives and allow RAID Level 0 (Striping) or RAID Level 1 (Mirroring) on Mac and Windows 2000 computers.  

You can get more information on the companyis FireWire RAID solutions at its Web site. The units are available in the following configurations: a 2-Bay Combo 80GB with 24x CDRW is priced at US$699, a 2-Bay 160GB RAID/Storage Cluster is priced at US$895, and a 4-bay 240GB RAID/Storage Cluster with 24x CDRW is priced at US$1,395