FirewireDirect Shipping New 2.5 Inch Hard Drives is now shipping new hard drives for Mac users. The new drives are designed for large storage spaces in small 2.5 inch sizes. The drives ship in several configs including FireWire 800 support and uses the Oxford series chipset. According to

FirewireDirect announces its largest 2.5in Portable Hard Drives ever. Available in all 2.5in models [Mach IV, Mach VII and Spark 800] the 100GB - 9.5mm drive is huge in storage space but tiny in size.

Perfect for all road warriors who need a ton of portable storage space ŒON-THE-GO&Mac226;. The Mach VIII is our most versatile model offering triple interface solutions: 1x 6Pin FireWire 400/1394b, 1x 9Pin FireWire 800/1394b and 1x 5Pin Mini USBv2.0/1.1 connectors.

All three models are shipped with 110-240V power adapters, cables, carrying case and available with Mac or Windows software. Also perfect for users who would like to update there laptops with larger hard drives and keep access to the existing hard drive by placing it in the enclosure. Like all FirewireDirect storage products - it has the muscle of the latest Oxford series FireWire chip-sets and only the highest quality components as well as iBest-in-Classi service and support.

You can find more information about the new drives at the FirewireDirect Web site. Pricing varies depending on enclosure and storage size.