FirewireDirect Shipping New Fibre Channel RAID Solutions is now shipping the Vanguard Ultra Elite Fibre System. The Vanguard Ultra Elite Fibre System are storage device set-ups designed for high speed data transfer. The Fibre System boasts RAID type data access and racks supporting 12 hot swappable bays. According to, Inc has announced an enterprise level 2Gb Fibre Channel RAID solution. For demanding enterprise applications, professional digital content creation applications, and ideal for Storage Area Networks (SAN), the new Vanguard Ultra Elite Fibre System will support any platform with Fibre storage support and can deliver blistering 200 MB/s dual loop fibre throughputs in a space efficient 3U rackmount system.

Boasting 512 megabytes of high-speed cache and a high-speed IBM RISC processor for high throughputs across up to 12 hard drive mechanisms, it supports large drives, currently up to 250GB, to provide up to 3 TeraBytes of storage, and RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 0+ 1 and 3 and 5 with hot spares

It can be configured to maximize performance by allowing data to be stored using the most efficient RAID type. Volumes can be created to support RAID 1 for maximum redundancy, RAID 3 for large sequential data files, RAID 5 for high performance transaction processing of smaller files and RAID 0 for non-redundant workspace.

You can find more information about the Vanguard Ultra Elite Fibre System at the FirewireDirect Web site. Pricing for the Vanguard Ultra Elite Fibre System is available by contacting the FirewireDirect sales team.