Firewire Webcam Driver From IOXperts

IOXperts has released a new Firewire app for the Mac. Firewire webcam driver 1.0 is designed for connecting Firewire Webcam devices to a users platform. There are several Webcam models supported under the driver, including Firewire Directis DV WebCam. According to IOXperts:

IOXperts, Inc. announced today that it has released v. 1.0 of the first and only FireWire webcam driver for Mac OS X. After about six weeks of crisis-free public beta testing, the developers are confident that the driver is extremely stable.

SUPPORTED DEVICES (in alphabetical order):

  • ADS 1394 PYRO WebCam
  • AME Vcam(tm) IEEE 1394 (FireWire) PC Camera
  • Aplux 1394 PC Camera -- models C102T and C104T
  • iREZ StealthFire(tm) and KritterDIGITAL(tm)
  • LG Electronics LPC-PC20
  • Orange Micro iBOT(tm) FireWire Video Camera
  • Pinetron Green Eye
  • Point Grey Research FireFly(tm) IEEE 1394 Digital Video Camera
  • Sun Microsystems 1394 Kit
  • Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera and Fire-i400 Industrial Camera
  • Videre Design DCam IEEE 1394 Digital Color Video Camera

You can find more information about the Firewire webcam driver 1.0 at the IOXperts Web site. A full version of Firewire webcam driver 1.0 is available for US$19.95.