Firmware This..The Chip Merchant Has You Covered

In light of the problems with Appleis recent firmware update disabling some useris RAM, The Chip Merchant has announced that they are standing behind their products and will replace any of their memory that has been disabled by the recent updates. According to The Chip Merchant:

The Chip Merchant, Inc. is aware of Appleis recent firmware problem, and of Appleis response that the affected memory is defective or "out of specification." We stand behind our memory 100% and will replace any memory modules that we have sold in the past which are now incompatible with the recent firmware upgrades. To Customers who are inconvenienced by this problem and would like to turn a hassle into a bonus, we offer to exchange or upgrade incompatible memory modules (for affected systems only) at current market value. If your 64MB DIMM doesnit work now, upgrade to 128MB or 256MB by paying the difference in the current market prices and boost the performance of OS X by giving it more RAM.

You can find more information at The Chip Merchant Web site.