First Contact Without The Aliens: Weblet Contacts Now Shipping

Brian Dunning has released Weblet Contacts for Lasso and CDML. Weblet Contacts are collections of format files and databases for the management of contact lists. Knowledge of Lasso and CDML is essential for creating the format files. According to Brian Dunning:

Announcing Weblet Contacts, for Lasso and CDML, available immediately. Weblets are petite collections of format files and databases to get you started building your own system. Weblet Contacts provides a full-featured, Web based contact manager that you can use all by itself, merge with your existing solution, or modify however you like. Knowledge of Lasso or CDML is required to make your own format files.

Weblet Contacts comes with:

  • Databases for FileMaker 4 and 5
  • Lasso and CDML format files, fully commented
  • Instructions
  • Knowledge you can keep

You can find more information about Weblet Contacts at the Brian Dunning Web site. Weblet Contacts is available for US$45.00.