First Cut: A DV Cutting Solution for Mac OS X

Skramsoft has released First Cut, a "DV cutting station for Mac OS X." The product is intended for doing first cuts, or rough cuts, as opposed to doing final edits, and is designed with tools to make that work fast, according to the company.

First Cut includes a tool called "Hotshots," which make breaking up a length of digital video into sections designated by the editor. The software will then assemble those Hotshots into usable and manageable sections.

The company also boasted that First Cut includes simple and easy to use controls that make it appropriate for pros, student films, and home movies alike.

The software was developed by movie music editor Ashley Revell (Sin City, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Chronicles of Riddick) and Mac software developer Janusz Skarbek, who described themselves as "the result of two busy professionals slowed down and frustrated by unwieldy software."

Skramsoft is offering First Cut for an introductory price of US$149.