First Set Of End-User Power Mac G5 Benchmarks Appear

The first set of Power Mac G5 benchmarks compiled by end users has been posted to the Internet. has posted a set of benchmarks for the entry-level 1.6 GHz Power Mac G5. The benchmarks were compiled by end users David Marcus and James F. Haw, and use two applications, Cinebench 2003 and XBench, to get the information. As points out, neither application is optimized for the G5. As such, they may well be irrelevant in the long run, but the results are the first such results published from a source not affiliated with Apple. From

Some early benchmark numbers provided by David Marcus and James F. Haw (Thanks!).

These are benchmarks of Cinebench 2003 and XBench on a Single Processor 1.6GHz PowerMac G5.

Usual benchmark caveats apply -- including some extra ones.

  1. Benchmarks donit necessarily reflect real life performance
  2. These benchmark applications are not G5 aware. So, they may incur a performance hit if they use some outdated commands. ( see PowerPC G5 Performance Primer )
  3. Real-world applications with G5 optimizations are probably a better benchmark... but we donit have those yet

You can see the results themselves at Chaosmint.comis Web site. The results were published as raw numbers, without any kind of background information and contextual relevances. Anyone familiar with these apps is encouraged to offer their thoughts on the results in the comments below.