First Sneaky Peeks Of OmniWeb 4.5, Browser Switches From OmniHTML To Apple's WebCore

The Omni Group, makers of the popular OmniWeb web browser and OmniGraffle outlining tool, have released the first two "Sneaky Peeks" (prerelease betas) of OmniWeb 4.5. The most notable feature of the new version is that Omniis OmniHTML framework and Mozilla-based JavaScript plugin are being replaced by Appleis open-source WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks. Both WebCore and JavaScriptCore come from Appleis Safari web browser, which in turn are based on the open-source KHTML HTML rendering library. From The Omni Group:

The Omni Group today also announced that development of OmniWeb 4.5 is under way. OmniWeb 4.5 will be the first version of OmniWeb to incorporate the open source WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks from Apple Computer Inc., bringing greatly improved support for the latest Internet standards like CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript to the award-winning browser.

OmniWeb 4.5 - which will have the functionality previously referred to as being in 5.0 - will be available later this quarter and will be a free upgrade for OmniWeb 4.x license holders. The Omni Group is making early versions of OmniWeb 4.5 available through the Sneaky Peek preview program.

OmniWeb 4.5sp2 is available to download now. Check out the release notes for known issues and changes applied to each sneaky peek. OS X 10.2 or higher is required, as is a license for a previous version of OmniWeb 4.x.