First Utility Launched To Help Access iPod's Hidden Music Folder

When we first reported that it was possible to bypass Appleis copy limitations in the new iPod, we said that we thought that 3rd party developers would quickly release utilities to make doing so easy. The first such utility has been released in beta form in a product named iPod Free File Access (iPFFA). The iPod does not allow one to copy oneis MP3 files from the iPod to a Mac. In other words, file synchronization is one-way only, from your Mac to the iPod. iPFFA makes it easy to access the hidden music directory on the iPod from your desktop, making iPod to Mac file transfers easier. Christian Vick is the developer:

With iPod Free File Access (iPFFA, that sounds good ;) you can easily access the music folder on the iPod disk created by iTunes 2.

Just drag the iPod disk onto iPFFA, the music folder will be visible and opens automatically for quick & easy access. After dragging the iPod disk onto iPFFA it knows the disk name and from now you can make the folder visible just by launching iPFFA (handy in the Apple menu).

Mac OS 9.x

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You can find download links for the utility at Christian Vickis Web site. Please note that it is not available for Mac OS X. If you want more information on how and why the iPod does not allow file transfers from the iPod to a Mac, check out our feature story on that topic.