Fish Where You Flush?

We know that Christmas is still several months away, but the astute shopper will already be making a list, figuring out what to buy that special someone who seems to already have everything under the Sun. After all, how many Power Mac G5s can one person have? (Folks at Virginia Tech: Donit answer that question.)

Wouldnit it be nice to finally find something that you are absolutely positive that well-heeled material girl (or guy) wonit have? With this in mind, and with immense pleasure, TMO is proud to bring you another installment of a Cool Waste of Time.

This time weid like to focus your attention on a virtual shop of curiosities, odd objects, and just plan weird stuff. The Web site in question is the Internet storefront for Elseware, a New York based company created to provide an outlet for the designer/artist.

A quick glance through Elsewareis product line and you get the idea that the stuff they sell might not be found anywhere else, and you would be right. We canit think of any hardware store that would stock a toilet that doubles as a fish bowl; they dubbed it Aquariass. (No kidding). Nor are you likely to find a collapsible desk lamp at your local furniture store. How about a flexible clock, or a chair that inflates into a shower stall and drying room?

Make your bidet envious

Itis all weird, all odd, and most of it is functional, and you can buy it! What more could you ask for?

Happy Christmas shopping!

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