Fixing Garbled Type in Mail and Safari

If English is your first language, but Safari and Mail display text in some language that looks like it came from a planet on the other side of the galaxy, odds are itis time to do a little font house cleaning on your Mac. Luckily, fixing the problem usually involves just clearing your font cache.

This very problem came up just a few days ago when I was trouble shooting some font issues with The Graphic Reporteris Lesa Snider. In this case, we were looking at an email that read like R2-D2 speaks.

This text is supposed to be in English.

FontNuke, a free font cache cleaner for Mac OS X 10.4, followed by a reboot, cleared the problem up and returned Mail to a human-speaking application.

FontNuke clears your font cache without any hassleEnglish.

You can download FontNuke from Jake Pietrykowskiis Web site, but it is hosted on a .Mac page, so go easy on him.

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