Flash 5.0a Problems: A Fix Coming Soon

There have been reports of a problem with with the Flash 5.0.a updater failing to work with the trial version of Flash 5.0. Long time Observer Carol Goodell e-mailed us with a note she received from Macromedia on this:

As promised, Iim writing to let you know what Iive heard from Macromedia about the failure of the Flash 5.0.a Updater to work with the Flash 5 TRIAL version. The updated Flash 5 TRIAL version will be posted at Macromediais site on March 3.

A quick glance at the Macromedia site finds this information:

Flash will fail to update if:

  • You are attempting to update an English version of Flash 5 with a localized updater, or vice versa
  • You are attempting to update an Electronic Software Download (ESD) Trial version of Flash (downloaded prior to the release of 5.0a) which has not yet been purchased
  • You are attempting to update a version of Flash 5 which has already been updated
  • Your copy of Flash 5 is infected with a virus.

So look for a solution to the trial version update problem on March 3rd. You can find more information about Flash 5 at Macromediais site. Thanks to Observer Carol for the heads up!