Flight Sim X-Plane Updated To Version 5.6

Laminar Research today released an update for X-Plane to version 5.6. This new version adds a few new features that enhance the game in a few interesting ways. X-Plane is an incredibly detailed and highly realistic flight simulator for the Macintosh that gives you the opportunities to load in real weather systems off the internet, and fly a wide range of planes. You can even fly the Space Shuttle! Here is a clip of just some of the improvements to X-Plane in this latest build:

X-Plane 5.60 is here! This X-Plane upgrade is no cosmetic upgrade!

There are MAJOR changes in organization and internal structure and flexibility! Autogyro. These things are fun and BIZARRE to fly... the overhead rotor is free-wheeling, being driven only by the wind rushing through it... You have to pull BACK on the stick to get the rotor disc aimed UP so plenty of wind CATCHES UNDERNEATH IT and drivers the rotor, keeping you in the air. Approach at low speed with the disc way back and you can touch down almost at a stop!

Multiple Cloud Layers. Set the clouds to 2 overcast layers far apart, max thunderstorms, in the late afternoon. Now fly between the layers and watch the cloud-to-cloud lightning. Not too shabby! The overcast clouds are drawn much nicer now! Cirrus clouds are also available! They look great at high-altitude during the sunsets!

Saveable Movies! Send them to your friends! Put them on the net! These are not AVI or QuickTime, but instead load up the movie in X-Plane like a SITUATION file and hit the play button. Unlike an AVI or QuickTime file, you get full resolution, full frame-rate, no distortion!

Random Planes! Random planes fill the sky now, not copies of yourself, and leave contrails, smoke, etc! Get in a jet fighter and fly an intercept on them!

For details on the game and on the patch go to the X-Plane Web site. You can download the X-Plane update and a demo at the official Web site as well.