Flix Lite Brings Cheaper Flash Conversion To Mac

Wildform is now shipping Flix Lite for the Mac. Flix Lite is a lite version of Flix Pro, which is a Flash encoder designed for converting native video to Flash files for Web delivery. Flix Lite features vector video conversion and is compatible with Flash versions 3-6(MX). According to Wildform:

Wildform, creators of easy-to-use video and animation software, today announced the release of Flix Lite for Mac.

Flix Lite is a light version of Wildformis industry standard Flix Pro Flash video encoder.

Flix Lite, like Flix Pro, is part of the only software line that outputs both the new Flash MX video and the older Flash 3-6 video. Flix lite exports Wildformis high quality MX video and FLV video output required to import MX video into Flash. Wildformis Flash MX video, which plays in the Flash 6 player, uses high quality video compression that is comparable to Quicktime, Windows Media, and Real.

It also outputs both importable and non-importable versions of the ubiquitous Flash 3-6 video, which plays in any Flash player versions 3-6. Wildform&Mac226;s Flash 3-6 output also comes with special memory management capabilities to handle RAM consumption issues.

You can find more information about the Flix Lite release at the Wildform Web site. Flix Lite is available for US$49.00.