FolderShare Synchs, Shares Files Between Windows, OS X, Linux

ByteTaxi Inc. on Monday released version 2.5 of FolderShare, its file sharing and synchronization service. This update features support for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, as well as support for Iomegais upcoming StorCenter Network Hard Drives. Version 2.5 also offers support for Google Desktop Search, so that users can simultaneously look for files on all their computers, as well as "File Difference" support, which sends just the changed parts of a large file to another computer.

In addition, users can now remotely access their files from any Web browser and employ 256-bit encryption during file transfers. FolderShare pricing starts at US$49.95 per year, with a single license allowing users to run the software on an unlimited number of computers and share files with an unlimited number of other users.