FoldersSynchronizer Beta Expires, New Version Available

Softobe has updated their data backup program, FoldersSynchronizer, to version 2.1.2. The latest version replaces version 2.1, which was a time-limited beta that expires today. FoldersSynchronizer allows users to easily backup contents from one folder or location to another location. According to Softobe:

Please note we have just posted the new 2.1.2 release of FoldersSynchronizer on our web site.

Also, the previous version 2.1 (which was a beta version), will expire just tomorrow. This new 2.1.2 (final, not beta) version will never expire.

Whatis new in the 2.1.2 (April, 30th 2001):

  • As requested, FS now can control if since the last sync/backup both the source and destination files have been modified. To activate this control, go to the Settings area and mark the new chek-box "Check Backup Date". If checked, FS will consider this case as an error. Thus it will behave as specified by the radio button "If an error occurred". If "Ask", the user will be shown the "Replace File" dialog. He will be able to to Stop, Skip or Execute the replacement. Also, on Classic environment only (at present time, but weill extend that to MacOS X too), the user will be able to launch and inspect the files with their application, and to open their parent folders in the Finder. If "Skip" FS will not replace the destination file and will continue to execute the current synchronization or backup. If "Stop" FS will stop the whole current synchronization or backup. If the check-box "Check Backup Date" is unmarked, FS will never check the last Backup Date, thus if the source file has the most recent modification date, it will always replace the destination file. The check-box "Check Backup Date" is marked by default.
  • As requested, The ShortLog window and the LogFile now report the "Deleted Folders" and "Deleted Files" counters.
  • The "Sync And Quit" feature works properly again.
  • Some other minor improvements.

FoldersSynchronizer is available for US$30. You can find more information at the Softobe Web site.