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Aspyr Media has announced a developer journal for The Sims 2 that is being hosted by Inside Mac Games (IMG). The developer journal is being maintained by The Sims 2 Quality Assurance lead Karen Halloran, and is intended to allow Mac fans of the super-smash hit The Sims series to follow the progress of The Sims 2 as it makes its way to The Mac.

Aspyr said the journal will be updated at least once a week, and will include new screen shots or other images with each entry.

You can find The Sims 2 developer journal with the other developer journals being hosted at IMG. The latest entry is called In the Kitchen With Dev, and is dated April 15th, 2005.

The Sims 2 for Mac is priced at US$49.99 (Amazon), and is set to be released on June 13, 2005, according to Amazonis pre-order page. You can find more information on the game itself at Aspyris Web site.

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