FontAgent Pro Beta Released From Insider Software

Insider Software has released a beta version of FontAgent Pro for the public. FontAgent Pro is a font management utility designed for multiple font manipulation. The beta version features expanded font functions including on-the-fly verification and font set definitions. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software today announced the immediate availability of a public beta version of FontAgent Pro, the worldis first Cocoa-based application for font management and repair.

The powerful all-in-one utility offers the most comprehensive feature set of any font management product available. FontAgent Pro has been completely designed from the ground up to take advantage of all the capabilities of Jaguar, Appleis latest Macintosh Operating System.

FontAgent Pro introduces a number of unique features never before seen in font management, including the ability to:

  • Define multiple font libraries that can be opened simultaneously
  • Define font sets that traverse multiple font libraries
  • Activate and deactivate sets of fonts simultaneously from multiple libraries
  • Rename font files with meaningful file names for easy management
  • Verify fonts on-the-fly as they are activated
  • Reorganize scattered fonts into useful libraries that maintain original font-file formats
  • Preview any text string in any size in any typeface and in any color
  • Font Player that allows interactive font display in context

You can find more information about the FontAgent Pro beta release at the Insider Software Web site. The full version of FontAgent Pro will be available for US$99.95 in November.