FontAgent Updated

Insider Software has updated their font management utility, FontAgent, to version 8.2. FontAgent allows users to easily manage a large number of fonts, and also includes the ability to allow users to repair "damaged" fonts. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software today announced the release of FontAgent 8.2, the latest version of its leading Macintosh font management and repair utility. The release enhances font validation for both bitmapped and PostScript fonts, fixes bugs that strengthen its font re-organization power, improves its compatibility with Mac OS 9.x, and delivers compiler-based performance improvements in several areas.

"When you are in the business of making peopleis systems run better, you have to constantly strengthen your products," commented Rio Sabadicci, president of Insider Software. "Just like a virus checker, FontAgentis job is to stamp out corruption. Itis our duty to our customers to keep FontAgent current with our latest research findings. So when we uncover new ways that fonts mutate and crash systems, we create releases that fixes them."

Insider FontAgent is the ultimate tool for maintaining, repairing and organizing Macintosh fonts. It enables users to check for corrupt fonts, unnecessary point sizes, partial font families, font version issues, and Type 1/TrueType collisions. Users can clean their existing font libraries, add new fonts, and reorganize their font collections, all with the click of a button. FontAgent repairs every fixable problem and presents problems in clear terms so users can quickly determine how to make their font collections perfect.

FontAgent is available for US$69.95. You can find more information at the Insider Software Web site.