FontAgent X Released From Insider Software

Insider Software is now shipping FontAgent X for OS X users. FontAgent X is a font management utility designed for font library creation and verification. The app ships with several features including the ability to define multiple font libraries. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software today announced the immediate availability of Insider FontAgent X for Mac OS X, a ground breaking Cocoa release that adds font activation, set management, and support for any number of font libraries to the industryis leading font optimization product.

The new FontAgent X is so functionally complete that it is the only font utility that Macintosh users need to organize, activate, preview, repair and manage their font collections.

FontAgent X introduces a number of unique features never seen before in font management, including the ability to:

  • Define multiple font libraries that can be opened simultaneously
  • Define font sets that traverse multiple font libraries
  • Activate and deactivate sets of fonts simultaneously from multiple libraries
  • Rename font files with meaningful file names for easy management
  • Verify the integrity of fonts on-the-fly as they are activated
  • Reorganize scattered fonts into useful libraries that maintain Mac OS font-file formats
  • Preview any text string in any size in any typeface

You can find more information about the FontAgent X release at the Insider Software Web site. FontAgent X is available for US$89.95.