FontReserve Update Now Shipping

DiamondSoft, Inc. has released an update for Font Reserve, bringing it to version 3.1.1. Font Reserve is a font activation utility designed for professional publishing environments. The update features OS X and InDesign bug fixes. According to DiamondSoft:

DiamondSoft, Inc. today released an update for Font Reserve Single User 3.1.

Through its unparalleled database architecture, Font Reserve 3.1.1 provides powerful features for organizing, searching for, and managing your fonts.

The 3.1.1 update primarily addresses issues encountered when working in Mac OS X, including activating fonts for Classic applications and handling permissions. In addition, the update resolves issues with Font Reserveis plug-in for Adobe InDesign, which provides precision automatic font activation.

You can find more information about the FontReserve update at the DiamondSoft Web site. FontReserve 3.1.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$89.95.