Font Pack Updated

Scooter Graphics has updated their Apple inspired font, Nu Sans, to version 1.7. Nu Sans is a font derived from the original Copland project, and the latest version address compatibility issues with various Adobe applications. According to Scooter Graphics:

In an effort to cheer up folks who were disappointed by MWNY, Scooter Graphics has decided to take the initiative and put the joy back in Mac usersi lives. So in order to prove the Marty cares about Mac users and their computers, Scooter Graphics has updated the Nu Font Pack to version 1.7. This update fixes an irritating bug that made Nu Sans Mono appear in odd places in Adobe applicationsi font menus. It also fixes a minor PostScript problem in Nu Serif SemiBold.

The Nu Font pack included all the Nu fonts available from Scooter Graphics: Nu Sans--based on Appleis Espy Sans bitmap font, Nu Sans Monospaced--a monospaced version of Nu Sans, Nu Serif--based on Appleis Espy Serif bitmap font and Nu Casual--based on the Casual font found in Appleis Newton Message Pad.

The Nu Sans Font pack is available for US$31. You can find more information at the Scooter Graphics Web site.