Font Reserve Makes It To Workgroup Servers

DiamondSoft has shipped version 1.0 of Font Reserve Server, a client-server font management system available on the market. With Font Reserve Server, multiple users have access to fonts from a single source, while administrative controls ensure appropriate use of fonts from a design, production, and legal standpoint. According to DiamondSoft:

Font Reserve Server, an extension of DiamondSoftis font management program Font Reserve, is designed specifically to address font problems encountered by workgroups.

Rather than managing fonts on individual computers and routing them with documents, Font Reserve Server consolidates all the fonts in the company into a database, providing any user, anywhere, with access via the local network or the Internet. The database runs on Windows NT and communicates with Macintosh-based clients over TCP/IP. As with single-user Font Reserve, the database provides a clean, hierarchical structure for font files, prevents font corruption, and collects font information such as type, version, and foundry to help differentiate multiple versions of the same font.

Consolidating all the fonts a company owns into a single, protected location is the first step to managing font misuse. To control font access, an administrator divides fonts into workgroups for specific positions or projects, then assigns users to the workgroups. Workgroup permissions control whether users can add, delete or activate fonts. All changes to workgroups, including font additions, occur in real time, guaranteeing that users are always accessing the correct fonts.

Users connect to the server and access fonts in their workgroups through the Font Reserve Server Browser. As a front-end to the database, the Browser lets users activate sort, preview, and create sets of fonts as necessary. Depending on permissions, users can also search for subsets of fonts, share sets with their workgroup, and modify the class, foundry, keyword, and licensing information assigned to fonts.

Font Reserve Server is available for US$1200. Server Connections are $104.00 per seat. Users must purchase both the Font Reserve Server software for Windows as well as concurrent user connections to the server. The Font Reserve Server Browser software which runs on Macintosh clients is free. You can find more information about it at Font Reserveis Web site.