Font Sampler Update Gets Interface Mods And More

dot software has released an update for Font Sampler, bringing it to version 0.3. Font Sampler is a utility designed for font viewing. The update features interface mods and bug fixes. According to dot software:

dot software is pleased to announce the release of Font Sampler 0.3.

Font Sampler is a small utility to help you view your fonts. Font Sampler allows you to view all your fonts in one big list. It supports different colors of backgrounds and text, size, your own custom phrase to view the fonts in, and the ability to underline the fonts.

Font Sampler does not bold or italic fonts because that happens inside a typeface.

Whatis new in 0.3:

  • Combo box allows you to select previous strings from a popup menu
  • Bug Fixes
  • Interface Improvements
  • Scroll feature added. Automatically scroll through all your fonts
  • All occurrences of "<fontname>" are now replaced with the fontis name

You can find more information about the Font Sampler update at the dot software Web site. Font Sampler is available as freeware.