Footlights: New Video Jukebox App Released

Radical Breeze has released a new video jukebox application called Footlights. Footlights is a video playback app that includes "playlists, full screen play back and extensive exporting options." From the company:

"With Footlights, Mac users can organize their movie files into Playlists and play them in a number of ways (including full screen and compact views) with a variety of options (looping, shuffle, speed, etc.)," stated Bryan Lund, President of Radical Breeze. "And Footlights can export those media files to any number of QuickTime supported formats and codecs (including Mpeg4 and AVI)."

About Footlights:

  • Organize your movies and clips into playlists.
  • Quickly preview them or play them back with a number of options (including looping and shuffling).
  • Play back in three different modes : Inside the main Footlights window, the small compact view or full screen.
  • Export your movies to any file type that QuickTime can write to (Including Mpeg 4, AVI, DV, Mov and many more).

You can find more information about Footlights at Radical Breezeis Web site. The software is priced at US$15 as a standalone app. It is also included in the Radical Breeze "8 Pack," a collection of eight software titles. The company is also offering a demo of the product. Lastly, the company is offering the product at an introductory price of US$10.