For The Mac Geek That Has It All: New iMac Aquarium

People have been turning old Mac Classics and SEs into aquariums for some time now, but the fish-inside-a-computer business has stepped into the modern ages with the availability of the new iMacAquarium. Housed in an authentic iMac shell, these funky fish tanks are perfect for the true Mac lover in your life. According to RedLightRunner:

John here from RedLightRunner, Iim writing to let you know that we now offer the extremely cool MacAquariums in both Classic and iMac styles! If you havenit seen one yet, then you gotta check it out.

These things are made using authentic Mac shells, and they include everything except the fish! If you love your Mac as much as I love mine, youire gonna dig the Mac Aquarium. Itis definitely a conversation piece and a great way to promote your favorite computer!

We also have Do-It-Yourself kits for those of you with an old Classic or iMac shell hanging around.

The new iMacAquarium is available for US$299. You can find more information at the RedLightRunner web site.