Forbes: Apple On Target To Ship All Orders For G5s This Month

In Forbesi weekly "People to watch" feature, Steve Jobs and Apple are the focus of the top blurb. "People to watch" is Forbesi weekly half gossip round-up/half reporting feature of people and companies that are expected to do something newsworthy. This week, the feature looks at supply issues that Apple has dealt with in the past as it relates to its efforts to deliver the PowerMac G5 that was announced in June. In the article, Forbes cites an Apple spokesperson who says that Apple is on target to ship all orders for G5. From Forbes:

When the company announced the machine, it said shipping would begin in August. Many Apple customers have been holding back on their traditional upgrade cycles for months, partly in anticipation of the G5. And thatis just one of the factors impacting sales volume, which has slipped to 771,000 last quarter from 808,000 in the year-ago quarter.


An Apple spokeswoman says the company remains on target to ship all orders for G5 machines this month.

Some rumors have circulated that Apple might be late with the high-end dual-processor 2 GHz PowerMac G5. This would match Appleis usual pattern of being able to deliver slower units at first, with faster units shipping a week or more afterwards.

Thereis more information about Appleis supply issues in the past in the full blurb at Forbesi Web site.