Forbes Consults Astrologer For Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Future: Look For "Breakthrough News"

Forbes Magazine has consulted an astrologer to get the scoop on whatis going to be happening during 2003. Seriously. The mainstream financial magazine asked astrologer Susan Miller from what was "in the heavens" for the CEOs of several major corporations, including Apple, and we arenit making this up. According to Ms. Miller, August of 2003 will be the time when the stars line up for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce some "breakthrough news." From Forbes:

Wall Street brokerages are bending over backwards to convince consumers--and regulators--that their investment advice isnit tainted with conflicts of interest. But to get truly independent analysis, why not look to the heavens?

Forbes asked astrologist Susan Miller to tell us what the stars hold for some top bosses. In the spirit of full disclosure, she cautions that her predictions arenit as accurate as they might be since she didnit have access to each execis specific time of birth. Donit say we didnit warn you.

A screen shot from the Flash presentation of the CEO horoscopes.

Other CEOs who received horoscopes include Rupert Murdock of NewsCorp, Presidential pal and US energy policy advisor Kenneth Lay of Enron, and even Martha Stewart. Check out the full article at for more.