Forbes' Mac Spotlight Moves To 20 Year Highlights

Weive been covering Forbes Magazineis coverage of the Macis upcoming 20th birthday all week. Today it continues with a slide show that looks back at 20 years of Mac highlights, from the 1984 commercial to the iPod. From Forbes:

Twenty years after it introduced the Macintosh, Apple Computer remains the underdog in a personal computer world dominated by Intel and Microsoft. Although it has long been celebrated for its innovation and ease-of-use, the Macintosh continues to be seen as inappropriate for business use. But just when the Mac seems doomed to failure, some catalyst comes along--desktop publishing, the iMac, OS X. Does the Mac have another 20 years in it? Probably not. But as long as Steve Jobs remains at the helm of Apple, itis a sure bet that the companyis products will continue to shock, surprise and delight.

The full article has an interesting slide show with pictures and information that we recommend as a good read.