Forbes Online Says Apple's Polish Has Been Dulled

In a special Forbes security overview published Wednesday, many of the latest Mac OS X security brouhahas were covered in some detail.

The overview started with the infamous Month of Apple Bugs (MoAB), described the motivation of the founders, and went on to quote David Marcus with McAfee and John Martellaro from The Mac Observer as to why the MoAB is misguided. Appleis Lynn Fox wouldnit comment on the MoAB project but said, according to the article, "Apple takes security very seriously....We always welcome feedback on how to improve security on the Mac."

The story went on to cover Landon Fulleris project to fix those bugs. Earlier on Thursday, Landon explained his project in more detail to TMO.

Finally, the survey cited the David Maynor and John Ellch alleged discovery of a security bug in the MacBook, but the author failed to mention that this was related to third party software, not Appleis.

Except for the title and the mistake mentioned above, the article offers a fairly well balanced, yet outsider, look at the current Macintosh security scuffles.