Forbes Readers Give Steve Jobs 84% Approval Rating, Steve Ballmer Gets 31%

A couple of weeks ago we pointed you to a reader survey for CEO approval ratings being hosted by Forbes. As we said at the time, we donit normally go in for Internet surveys, but the mainstream nature of the Forbes poll made it more interesting. Steve Jobs was one of the tech CEOs up for vote, and this week Forbes has released the results of the poll.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was given an approval rating of 84% by Forbesi readership. This is in sharp contrast to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, whose approval rating came in closer to 31%. Steve Jobsi friend and confidante, Larry Ellison, fared better with 53% of Forbesi readers saying they thought he was doing a good job.

You can see the results at Forbesi Web site. You can also register your opinion for these same CEOs for March at the same page. March results for Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs are even more polarized so far, with Steve Jobs earning a 92% approval rating, and Steve Ballmer earning a paltry 14% approval rating.