Forbes Reports On... Steve Jobs' Wardrobe

Forbes Magazine has taken a closer look into an issue that many Mac users, and indeed tech observers everywhere, find important, Steve Jobs attire. Seriously. As an offshoot of a series on the best dressed billionaires (link leads to a slide show), Forbes has published a short series on those high tech honchos whose attire hasnit changed much in the last couple of decades, and Steve Jobs seems to figure prominently in that category. From the piece, titled "Uniform Billionaires:"

Steven P. Jobs
[Job] Computers, software
[Location] Palo Alto, Calif.
[Net Worth] $1.1 billion

Dress different? Never. The man who bemoans the conformity in personal-computer software is the same man who has rarely been spotted wearing anything other than a black turtleneck and blue jeans. Apple spokespeople claim that Jobs occasionally breaks the mold, doffing a white turtleneck.

You can catch the full article at Forbesi Web site, which includes images of Steve Jobs from over the years. You can guess what heis wearing in the pictures. The article also has short bits on Larry Ellison of Oracle, and Jeff Bezos of The article seems to be missing direct links to those pages, but the above links will get you to their pages.